Post Brain Cancer, Post Divorce Description

My Sons watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid Long Haul and I got 15 mins eyes closed.  Cameron is panicked that someone messaged me, Foolishly I thought it was because his Dad was getting a communication……looking back it makes so. much more sense that he thought, Cool another adult with a car!!


Her name was whatever it was, her headline was “Looking for my Jack Sparrow, then it HIT me, That’s it; A Sapiophilic Jack Sparrow.  Kinda ‘off’ at best,  in a good way, practicing Bapti-buddhist.  I’d have not had all these ticks if only them Drs had used the oil!!! I’d have been right as the yarn, standing straight all by me onesies!!


I immediately saw the light of my struggle to properly ‘describe’ me in wiords. A Sapiophilic JackSparrow. Brain Cancer left me some issues, mostly the Drs approach to my condition. When all along me onesies I coulda ben set right as the yarn, if them Drs would have used the oil!!

I’m not a fixer-upper or needing a makeover.   I’m supposed to be a walking miracle, spared by the Almighty, for some reason, maybe not a glamorous one;


Whether it’s Fame or shame it’s really all the same game, merely one on the opposite end of the scale as the other.  The ying to a yang.  It is not wrong to use marketing in dating but rather more apropos to find a way to stand still, take of the facepaint, take off the costume and say, thank you, this is me.

If I go through the front door I feel I’m leaving stuff out deceptively. Naturally no-one with any functioning noggin pudding is gonna even try the back-door in an open-carry, stand your ground State.  So maybe I’ll just go in the vacant house next-door and see if Karma thinks me a blessing to someone that should be the same to me, or focus on the idea of Being Present and Experiencing each instantiation of each moment for the next however many decades as Purposeful Intent rather than Ransom Happenstance.

For the time it took you to read that, if you read that:  Thank you or I’m terribly sorry, whichever is appropriate. M.

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