What If?

I keeping moving and I can now go back and update that reference to Her name was NecessaryEvil2015 instead of Her name was whatever it was’. Her summary/Headline is different than I remembered; Searching for My Jack Sparrow, not Where’s My Jack Sparrow?


I got another get when I got the name, I got a reason to check out Kane Brown; What If.  Seems a Buddhist principal.  I’d pitched a similar counter to my adventures in the noggin region.  I’m here because I’m an eternal optimist.  I do not believe I’m too broken.  I’ve heard it said that we should experience betrayal to be more receptive and appreciative of loyalty.  Being wronged, lose, treated unfair so that we honor Justice more and recognize that we didn’t deserve ‘that’ maybe they didn’t deserve their ‘that’.  Ive walked through everything I have and Some by my choice and other things just Rides along the Path.


Some things I’ve recognized and embraced, other things had to run at me, over take me and shove the medicine down my throat like that Pre-Alien Neckhugger.

None of it matters really, Fame or Shame, it’s all the same game.  Just two goals on opposite ends of the same playing field.

Whether you see my humor or it annoys you, always know this;  I’m trapped in here with him 168 (24×7) and he never shuts up!!


If tis life is as described and we designed to Fellowship with Him.  Then really it’s like a bar at the swankiest Restaurant in the Universe…do we really care how quickly our table is ready???

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