I’m okay, really, I’m not crazy or anything……

I ain’t some new faithed pilgrim claiming to have seen the Light.Alls I can only bring you is a cold and a very broken Hallelujah…credit Leonard

I see clearly, if you have been paying attention to the feed….I’m not usually quiet about it, whatever the fawk IT is,  Hairy, Scary, shaven or pierced, I seem to have retained the ability to blather.

I’d cavort and skitz about how little I care of your o’pin,  but we’re so much closer than that level of discourtesy, aren’t we?

I wanna be a bad ass and claim to do what I do because it’s what the fawk I do!  But I like the applause more than the jeers, unless you’re ‘Getting” that visual imagery I just painted for you……in that case, Jeers are like diamonds 🙂

I want, I want and then I get serious about “wanting”

I want to be Daddy to my sons, until they are ready to have just a Dad, maybe a stint as “Father” if they want, I’d be up for that.

I want to be where I am, doing what I’m doing because it’s an idea that I had that made sense to me long after the experts claimed I’d be at best a vegetable or as predicted….fertilizer or wormsmeat as the bard of Avon wrote.

I’ve been vocal about everything, awhile back it seemed to be a game of how hard Life could pound my backside, each occurrence more horrific and frankly, comical than the last.  I even are weary of typing; You ain’t gonna believe this shit!!”

What I see in the comfy chair of hindsight;  If the events did NOT unfold EXACTLY as they did, It would simply not be possible to be where I am.  Seems almost buddhist huh??  Wherever you go, there YOU are, and the similar Boomerang law.  What you put out, comes back to you.  Malcom X was right, your chickens do come home to roost!!

Wicked smart white boy(moi)  shared a concept that so I wish for you I afford for me,  or what I want you to eat will be served me.  Changes the urgency of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, don’t it!

I don’t proclaim miracles, well I did this one time but they were the most awesome I’d seen and truly, it was a miracle for me to be there.


If you can say it in less than 500 or so words, God Bless You.  I apparently went back for seconds and thirds for some of the “lines” in the guff…..I didn’t want the greens, I wanted some blues and reds and black for the “thinning” affect 🙂


It’s just what how I make sense of it all and as long as I’m not pushing laced koolaid your way, even if we ain’t potential couch sitting Football watching besties, I can keep going….eh?


I wanna keep going on Walnut and while I’m not diminished beyond handling the work at Walnut, I’ve always been a procrastinating Perfectionist, If I can’t do it exactly like I want, Fawk it I’ll get to it when I can.   There’s worse attributes.  And maybe there’s better ones too!

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