Brain quirks sounds so much better….to me.

SINce Brain surgery I have not had a ‘Seizure’ like I was having prior to that surgery…..but and I have to be careful here because blather to a Neuro got me fired as a patient and sent to a punative 11 hour Psych panel, so I’ll self-edit this A little; Even since the secondary treatment, if I ran out or tried to cut back from whatever dose to conserve, I would have “Tail’rs”. or an ‘event’ that felt like the tail-end of those seizures. As infrequent as they are I think my reaction to them is more stressful than the event itself,what I know, and this is why that Dr Fired me, when I have a style or “Kind” of thought it feels like that wants to access brain structures that are not reachable because the gamma-knife but the nerve-highway/path and that kind of damage isn’t repairable, it’s reroute/retrain. Hence my afliction to over-reacting to someone else’s BS or just their base-negativity. I told him I thought about a certain thing standing on my old property and felt as though I ‘Brought on two of these events in a short time. So I believed it was structural….hence my asking Him. He replied in a few seconds that “if you not have seizure you no need see me.” and handed me a referral to a shrink.
Today’s “event did not cause me not to know today’s Day….the stress to the “event” sucked ALL but a smudge of my Brain juice and I wanted to be right answering that question.   huge tumor like an asshole wife, refuses to leave quietly.  They seem to think the Bard need concrete examples that Their Life is a tale told by a fool signifying Nothing.
Maybe I should adopt the view my Drs seem to want me to have…..You’re still alive, what more do you want………be grateful nshit.

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