Why do they do that? I write therefore I

Most folk have it, I seen it bunches of times, They make a call and it goes to voicemail and they look like someone just punched them in the face, incorporating the head-shot…back and to the left motion.  Why don’t we first think; I wonder if ole so and so just oprened a envelope with a HUGE check in it and they’re jumpin up and down trying to stave off the heart in their chest exploding???

No we assume them motherfrogs (Code) got up 4 hours early to get into the asshole gym, worked out for an hour or two and them went into a 45 person conference and planning room (Equipped with Full Coffee Service and Fresh Danishes) and drew out huge schematics of just exactly how they were gonna fawk us that day and marshaling scores of troops to set up logistics and pull off phone call snub Operational plan G15 with as much loss of life as the mission will stand.   Maybe they were asleep, in the bathroom, or had been abducted by aliens and returned without the mythically-inaccurate “anal probing”. Some people see tragedy and scream Why?!?  I just see the level of commitment to the absurd and narrate “Hey Moron, stop being stupid!”  And thus the “body”  For my Wiki article for Michael Allan Asshoe. Under Michael A. Davis in the Wiki library.


No more peace Out, I want it All, IPFYABOM (I’ll Pray for you and Bet on Me.)


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