Why the Fawk don’t I have my studio up??

The speicfics are within,  but not as important as;  That right there is what I NEED!  I spoke with a woman or 12 minutes; do not know her, will maybe never meet.  She was on a call with a friend and I heard her say several more than a few phrases that I emoted to.  I’m kinda weird and I asked Sonni if I could speak to her and I did, no recording, see title.

I took the iPhone and said “I’ll make this go as easy  as possible.” In my almost I was born sexier than I look voice.

I said “If you’ll let me, I’ll just jump right into the deep in our your Hippa pool.  I’m the patient you were describing; But I still have a most of a buck-fifty IQ intact,A I’m about to quit my Doctors, I sm not giving up on life, just accepting that they have no clue.

They performed the surgery and walked me to a Bus Stop Bench exclaiming “Good Luck to You!”I explained the firing from my  doc, minus the insulting accent…and where I am….and we both said good luck to each other and that we would pray for the other. I don’t need one of these interactions with each of you each time we interact.  I don’t even require one of these interactions with any of you ever, just another human-being in a real-manner, not scripted or paid by the hour (think shrink not hooker).

When it happens it’s, sorry to say, sometimes a little like a sexual encounter.   Calm down, I’m true to my Buddhist Philosophy and for many, many years now, I’ve been a reformed man whore.  Ego-chasing, Think he that smart Ego’ing addict in a near constant state of relapse.  But the Free sex craving younger man is not gone but muted in my psyche.  I let him out when the mature one has vetted the potential of the one in question….the man whore is the psyche that creates most of my best lines, so he has A use….

Note to self(I call me ‘dumbass’ when you aren’t listening)



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