BrainCancer is the New Black

I don’t want to be overly provocative or controversial (LOL…I Know Right….) but sorry LGBT, Orange, Trump-Haters, MethHeads et all others that claim to be…But Oligodendroglioma (BrainCancer)/ is the NEW BLACK.  I do not feel as this was a popularity contest or anything anyone would ever put forth effort to bring about.  It’d be like fighting to be first in the barrel around a bunch of Lumberjacks in the Great Northwest.
If it was ever remotely funny I’d have a black-faced Selfie herein.
I’ve seen it hundreds of times, the get outta here, we don’t want your kind! Heard it scores more times, especially when I am asking my Doctors…ANYTHING.
Maybe if the, too serious to joke about original is ever truly resolved, I can start a campaign, foundation or Center, Center emotes to me, I could be the Michael Wiesenthal of the Brain Cancer Documentation Center.
I plan to say to my Neuro this Thursday the following:
Dr. xxx, please sell me on why I’m coming back to this office for another appointment.”
I expect to hear crickets
Dr xxxx, Please explain to me what you did for me or to progress my case in my last visit, or the visit before that or ANY Visit other than the visit on 6/10/2014.  You might think me petulant or ungrateful….Your nurse on my last long phonemail asked me If I was refusing Future Treatment and Dr, xxxx I gotta STRESS my reply to her was OH NO XXXX, Much the OPPOSITE!  I’d love some treatment, ANY Treatment, fact I’ll take treatment EVERY day of the week and thrice on the 3rd Tuesday of a month.
 Don’t think ill of me for my usage of yo, dig it and nshit
I Bunch of words are resting in my spiral, for now…

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