Chapters (in-process)

I was taught that the declaration or thesis statement was the most import part of any written work;


I’m going to again codify what’s in my noodle, but unlike that first pass, I’m not prosecuting anyone or any thing.  I’m shining a light on “it”



Wanna be rich but you’re kinda stupid; NO Problem, become a Cancer Doc (Nuero, Onco, there’s a plethora of trades that require you be stupid to delivery the “truths” of this industry….and awesomely, if you possess no ethics and can prescribe death, in the form of Pharma, Boom! you can have a white coat and $12K @ month.  Do it well and they’ll give you assigned parking!

Things I had before cancer that Got really weird after my diagnosis

Things I did NOT have before Cancer.

How things work after Cancer.

Things I have after Cancer I cannot begin to be grateful for

Things I have after Cancer <redacted>.

What a difference 3 years makes.  – the story of a boy’s love for his clan and how a little weed-based cure to his cancer kilt that love.

Bi-polar-Manic-Depressant sometimes is just a clinical description of one that will take all you have to give and then when there’s too much fear they take it all and throw sharks and hot oil at the one they claimed to love’s junk (Spoiler Alert: It hurts Immensely.

Sowing and Reaping or cause and effect(the Boomerang Effect), a comparison  I may not be zen enough to compare, but I will just the same.

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